pier.jpgAnna Pier

Vice President of Risk Management


Value Delivered

In her role of V.P. of Risk Management, Anna manages the firm’s operational risk through the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks arising from operational factors. On a daily basis she makes decisions that balance risk cost with mission benefits, ensuring risk management policies and procedures meet corporate risk standards to reduce claims and premium costs. Anna is also the Human Resources Manager for Scalise Industries as well as the Office Manager, organizing and co-ordination of office operations, procedures, and resources to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

She may wear many hats, but this allows Anna to know the company through and through so she is suited to make the best decisions to foster growth and success.


Anna’s training and experience means she is well versed in strategies for managing risk, including transferring risk to another party, avoiding risk, reducing the negative effect or probability of risk, and accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk. She stays on track with current risk management best practices and processes, which ultimately benefits all of Scalise’s professionals and customers.

With her administration and management of various human resources programs and practices, including staffing, employee relations, benefits, payroll, and training in accordance with plan documents, company policies, and procedures, Anna ensures all EMCOR, federal, state, city, and county regulations are met. She understands that Scalise’s employees are one of its greatest assets, and she strives to create a place where hard-working professionals can grow.

The Personal Side

In her downtime, Anna enjoys spending time with her husband, four daughters, and three grandchildren. She loves reading and likes to decorate and crochets. Now that she has an empty nest, she and her husband hope to do some traveling.