Scalise_2r.gifJoseph Scalise

Vice President, Facility Services


Value Delivered

Joseph, in his role as Vice President of Facility Services, is responsible for directing Scalise Industries’ annual sales strategy and execution as well as talent acquisition, training, and development and leadership of the firm’s sales personnel. Not only does Joseph recruit, train, coach, and manage top corporate sales personnel with accountability for development and achievement of annual company sales objectives, but he also develops and implements the strategy by which company locations maintain sales team readiness and performance and meet agreement sales metrics.

In addition, Joseph selects and implements training resources to further bolster sales force efficiency and impact. His expertise in leading effective business strategy, operations performance, and cross-functional team leadership supports Scalise’s growth and advancement.    


Joseph has dedicated over two decades of his professional career with Scalise Industries. He has held various positions within the company divisions and excels particularly in project leadership. As a former Business Development Representative, he offered veteran brand ambassadorship, advocating the value and profitable direction of the company to key clientele, partners, stakeholders, and employees. 

Joseph’s years of experience in closing deals with major corporate clients helps inform policy development in regards to compliance, pricing, and the negotiating process. His leadership style blends open communication with forward thinking, data-driven decision making, hands-on mentoring, and incentivized goal setting to stay on top of significant proposals and opportunities.

He possesses a well-rounded knowledge of business management and has received training in executive and public speaking and human relations. His abilities in operational governance and project management stem exclusively from commercial and institutional construction, providing a focus and vision suited to facilitation of long-term growth of the company.

The Personal Side

Joe dedicates his time to his family and to various local community and church activities. He enjoys boating and fishing in the summer and hunting, skiing, and snowmobiling in the Laurel Mountains of PA in the winter. In addition, Joe has been an avid automobile hobbyist since the day he was able to drive and his passion continues to this day.