malencia.jpgMark E. Malencia



Value Delivered

Mark’s primary role and responsibility as President is to manage and direct the construction divisions with design, procurement, fabrication, and installation of MEP/FP systems by integrating the operations of the firm. He manages policies for corporate representation, estimating activities, and company-level reporting compliance to facilitate long-term growth. His close work with an experienced staff of Project Planners and Project Managers provides executive support to project activities.

Mark’s work also includes implementing the business strategies and estimating model outlined with the rest of the leadership team. 


Mark’s expertise allows him to lead at all levels to successfully pursue quality-oriented performance. He understands that developing client satisfaction facilitates a continuous and repetitive customer base.

Through experience and knowledge gained at professional training courses, Mark endeavors to foster an empowered environment of continual positive communication. His creation of a process-oriented management and performance system fully integrated to all company operations is continuously re-engineered to meet the changes of the growing company, its customers, and the industry. 

Mark is an active member in several mechanical construction organizations.

The Personal Side

In his spare time, Mark travels with his family and plays golf, hikes, and camps. He enjoys photography, home improvement projects, and research of ancestry with family here and in Croatia.