emcor-scalise-fire-smoke-damper-services-thumb-2021.jpgDamper Inspection and Maintenance

Fire, smoke, and combination dampers are essential to your building’s fire safety. Dampers are your building’s first responders to fire, instantly activating to mitigate fire spread. Regular damper maintenance goes a long way toward protecting your building and its occupants, as well as preventing costly damage.

Both national and local regulations require regular damper maintenance scheduling. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards 80 and 105 require initial damper inspections within a year of installation, and once every four years thereafter. Allegheny County mandates periodic damper inspection programs at varying increments, depending on building type. By scheduling regular damper maintenance, you can avoid incurring fines, voided insurance policy, lawsuits, and criminal violations.

EMCOR Services Scalise Industries is of the few ICB/TABB-certified HVAC Fire Life Safety Contractors in the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania marketplace. Our technicians are trained to inspect, test, maintain, and repair dampers. They can identify issues and recommend repairs as needed to keep your building code-compliant and safe.

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