Vibration Analysis

Helping Commercial HVAC Systems Across Pittsburgh Operate Their Finest

Team1.jpgThe cost associated with equipment malfunctions (parts, labor, downtime, failures) decreases when companies move away from reactive maintenance practices and adopt a combination of preventative and predictive maintenance practices. When companies apply these cost savings across an entire facility, bottom lines generally improved.

Scalise Industries’ vibration analysis offering utilizes an equipment database of nearly 100,000 different machines. When comparing to industry thresholds, similar equipment, and the individual history of that machine, our experts identify emerging malfunctions as early as possible. This helps minimize repair costs and can avoid potential failures and associated downtime. Our vibration analysis offerings have helped countless clients in Pittsburgh and across the surrounding region keep their commercial HVAC systems operating in peak condition.

Vibration: The Problem.

Up to 35% of existing equipment has some level of emerging malfunction that would otherwise go unnoticed, so when motors, pumps, bearings, fans, and other similar components vibrate in ways they are not meant to, continuous and uneven wear can occur. This can cause equipment failure and downtime that interrupts operations, causing lost time, money, and productivity.

Vibration Analysis: The Solution.

team2.jpgOne of the most effective ways to avoid these problems is to implement a vibration analysis program prior to vibration issues arising. Using today’s most advanced vibration analysis technology, our experts establish a vibration baseline for critical equipment.

After doing so, we measure performance regularly, watching for significant baseline deviations. This allows us to detect problems and identify causes early, so clients can plan ahead and schedule appropriate maintenance procedures when they are most convenient.

It’s one of the smartest ways to prevent major failures, minimize operational disruptions, and reduce overall business impact of equipment failures.

A predictive approach using vibration analysis can help clients avoid:

  • Major repairs and costly replacements, resulting from extensive machine damage
  • Unnecessary material waste—because when a breakdown occurs, materials often need to be discarded Damage to other equipment and/or parts caused by improper operation of failing components
  • Higher energy costs that result when efficiency declines and equipment has to compensate by consuming more energy
  • Unnecessary maintenance costs from scheduled maintenance programs that require shutting down equipment and replacing parts that may still be functioning properly

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